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In order to translate your text fast, accurately and effectively we work with professional native speakers.

We go above and beyond the literal meaning of the words and look at the true essence of the text to ensure your message is received loud and clear. Every specialisation, market, culture, local custom or habit requires its own unique approach. With your intended objectives firmly in mind, we produce your best work together. Actions speak louder than words!

The right person for your assignment

To guarantee the very best translation solutions, we look for the right translator for your text(s). In addition to our own team of in-house linguists, we also have a global network of professional translators, wich means we can deliver fast and accurate translations. Want to know what we can do for you? Request a quote and find out. 

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Language specialists

The right team for your project

Need multiple translations? We'll put together a team of specialists cherry picked for your project - from beginning to end - and based on your specific needs and objectives. You'll have a dedicated project manager who will work out the details together with you and who, most importantly, monitors progress in terms of time, budget and targets. Want to know how we handle the details of your project? Request a quote or contact us straight away.

Meet f.a.x. Translations b.v.

Hybrid approach

We're ready for the future. Language services evolve thanks to innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine translations (MT).  Our translation agency combines these advanced technologies with the expertise of human translators. We believe this hybrid approach gives the best results. Our automated translation systems help speed up the translation process and provide a basic draft translation. Our professional translators then refine and perfect the translation, meticulously interpreting nuances, cultural context and specific terminology. With this  combination of technology and human skills we strive for high-quality translations that meet all our clients' specific needs and expectations.

In a nutshell

From a single word to a large project in 26 different languages. We have the specialists who can translate exactly what you mean!                              We can provide almost any language and any specialisation, including certified translations!


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  • contracts
  • manuals
  • packaging text
  • annual reports
  • GDPR documentation
  • brochures
  • leaflets
  • correspondence
  • websites
  • summonses
  • deeds
  • diplomas
  • reports
  • and much more...
  • we also offer sworn translations!

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