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Online price indication – translation rates

Would you like to receive a price indication now?

Complete the form and you'll get an idea of approximately how much your translation project ( according to the ISO1700 standard ) will cost.

For AI-only and Hybrid translations you can only request a quote.

No two translations are exactly alike.

How do we calculate our price?

There are a number of factors that influence the price. The main ones are:

Language combination

For example, a translation from Dutch into English will generally cost less than a translation from Japanese into Arabic.


Good mastery of a language is not enough: specialist knowledge is just as important! We have teams of specialists who concentrate exclusively on their own specialist fields.

Extra requirements

If applicable. A particular format, for example.

Amount of text

Most word processing applications can automatically count the number of words for you. Our price indication is based on 280 to 300 words per page.


The use of translation memories means that a text that contains a lot of repetitions (also in relation to previous translations) can be translated much faster.

Creative text

There are many ways to translate creative texts. There are often a plethora of possibilities and it's our job to find the perfect words to suit your target group.

The more input we get from you, the better we can customise the translation to match your needs and requirements perfectly.

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The translation will cost betweenandeuro.
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