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Product texts in German and English for Score

The people at Score want nothing more than to help people live healthier lives. Every day, they work on improving workplace situations so that people can do their jobs comfortably and healthily. Score develops and produces ergonomically sound seating and accessories for businesses. Are you sitting comfortably?

Score’s team of 60 people work every day on making the best chairs and accessories to help you work comfortably and healthily. They do this at their own factory in Tolbert in the Northern Netherlands. The product developers design new seating solutions aligned to current ergonomic standards. Score chairs and accessories are exported to more than 50 countries. 

We had translated for Score before, but at the end of 2021 they asked us to translate all their product texts into German and English. That involved 157 texts, totalling some 75,000 words. Score didn't want them to be translated too literally, but smoothly and naturally.

We were given the go-ahead in January and got straight down to work. Since we had already completed some projects for them, we were already familiar with the terminology and the required tone of voice. The work was finished by March and the English and German translations were delivered.

Score’s response:

"The tricky thing about translation is always the jargon: the terms commonly used in the industry. As we had worked together before, much of this was already known. The added advantage is that the more you work together, the easier it all gets. You find that you are speaking the same language. We were also impressed when the people at f.a.x. Translations drew our attention to inconsistencies in the original texts, which improved the ultimate quality of all the language versions."