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Lethe-Nieuwburg B.V.

Lethe Nieuwburg B.V. is the leading partner and specialist in ship insulation and is an expert in the specific thermal, acoustic and fire insulation requirements of the maritime sector. With its affiliated companies Lethe Nieuwburg Handelmij B.V. and Van Mameren Betimmeringen B.V. it offers innovative solutions and, as an insulation partner, can apply the right materials and systems for all parts of a ship, from accommodation to technical installations.

At the end of 2020, after a long and meticulous tendering process, Lethe Nieuwburg B.V. commissioned f.a.x. Translations b.v. to translate safety instructions and Quality, Health & Safety and Environment (QHSE) documentation for their company into English, German, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian and Turkish. The source language was partly Dutch and partly English.

The files were submitted in Word and PowerPoint and translated section by section. The final work was completed in May 2021.

The QHSE coordinator of Lethe Nieuwburg B.V., Sharita Joerawan, is more than satisfied with the partnership with f.a.x. Translations b.v.: "Clear agreements were made before starting the project. It was important for me to be able to read and approve the translations before they were finalised. f.a.x. Translations b.v. was notably agile, easy to contact and delivered fast, accurate work. My compliments! This journey of about 7 months took a lot of time and energy, but left us all feeling good. My people on the shop floor are also happy with the translations. We are now one step further in providing instruction on occupational safety and developing our safety awareness. "