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The success of your business depends on having your texts translated correctly and specifically for the Danish market. The saying "you get what you pay for" is certainly true in Denmark! If you really want to make use of the many opportunities the Danish market has to offer, you will need more than an English version of your company brochure. Having your texts translated into Danish by an experienced translation agency with an extensive network throughout Scandinavia is an absolute must. f.a.x. Translations b.v. is ISO 17100-certified.

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Danish translation agency with years of experience

f.a.x. Translations has over 33 years of experience in translating from and into Danish. Contact f.a.x. Translations for Danish translations of any kind: certified translations, annual reports, letters, contracts, web texts and more. Whatever type of translation you need, f.a.x. Translations guarantees you a fast, accurate translation by experienced, sworn translators. We chose the name f.a.x. for a reason: we are fast, accurate, experienced.

Certified Danish native speakers

f.a.x. Translations works exclusively with Danish native speakers. That forms part of our  ISO 17100 certification. A Danish native speaker understands not only the language, but also the country's culture and customs. Our translator bases the document's tone of voice on the type of text.

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