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Our working method

We like to keep things clear in every possible way. Since 1998, our motto has been ‘Fast, Accurate en eXperienced’. It guarantees that you always have the best quality and the quickest solution.


Send us a text and we send you confirmation of receipt immediately. Ask us for a quote and you will receive it straightaway. With our comprehensive database of translators, we can almost always guarantee fast delivery times. Your dedicated contact person unburdens you where possible and makes sure that you are always aware of progress in respect of time, budget and objectives. 


Doing the right things right.  

It’s a familiar expression that is a pithy summary of the way we work.

f.a.x. Translations is ISO 17001 certified. Translations are only produced by professional native-speaker translators who master the finer points of the language, the proverbs, culture and the specific customs of their country. We guarantee the best quality and we take full responsibility for the product we delivered by:

  • Having your translations checked by a second linguist;
  • Saving you time and money by using the latest proven technology;
  • Using trusted, unique databases and management systems so we can use the translator, interpreter or teacher who is most suited to you.

It is important to use that we help you with even the minutest details. It is essential to the process that we get to know you well. Our experience tells us that honest and open communication leads to total satisfaction. If you have a challenge in the area of international communication, we would like to help you with the right solution!

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We love our job! Apart from dealing with deadlines we like to help you with your requests. We make sure that translators’ questions are answered to guarantee that they can complete their work on time.   



Our translators are comfortable with every possible subject. They command their languages and specialise in certain fields. If you have specific terminology and jargon that is essential to your profession, our translator will study and research your market and will produce the best translation. Our employees are highly experienced and will carry out your instructions fast and accurately. Are you looking for the best solution for your project?

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